How to know if android phone is hacked 2021

2 min readJul 20, 2021

Nowadays everyone has it own Android or SmartPhone. From a report, it is stated that there is a sudden rise in the mobile users from last 2-years. Android phones have come with high-tech technology. The work you do on a laptop, can be done Android Smartphone. But with the growth of users, hacker also tried to steal android user’s data. So, here this guide help you out how to know if android phone is hacked and what steps to be taken is phone is hacked.

It is also true that Android phones can be easily be hacked as compared to iPhones. So hackers are always trying hack Android device.

You need to increase the privacy and security of your Android device so that no hacker or attacker can break your personal information.

Phone is Hacked or Not

You can use the code to know whether your phone is hacked or not. Just dial “ *#62# “ , “ ##002# “ , “ *#21# “ from your phone dialer pad.

· You can use *#62# Code to check whether call forwarding has been set on your number or not.

· After dialing the above, if you found any call diversion or call forwarding being unknown from you. Then dial ##002# code to erase all forwarding settings.

These are the code to check if phone is hacked 2021 which may help you protect your phone from hacker.

How to prevent Android Phone From Being Hacked?

If you want to secure your Android Phone then you have to follow these precaution measures.

· Set Phone Password — The phone that does not contain and screen lock are easier to be hacked. So it is highly recommended to set screen lock on your android phone.

· Set Password on banking app — If you use online net banking facility through an app or via online, Then these banking apps should contain strong password otherwise raise the risk of hacking.

· Avoid using public WiFi — It is most common, That hackers always try to steal user information for those who were using unsecured public wifi. Hackers have always an eye on school wifi, coffee shop wifi, so be aware of that.

· Delete your browsing history, cookies, and cache frequently — By doing this makes your personal data and search history from being untraceable.

· Use a security app — For an additional security, You may also use the trusted third-party security application.